Want to Visit your past, checkout Google Photos!

By | August 21, 2015


Google Photo is no doubt one of the best cloud storage options available, where you can store your pictures and videos. It is free and offers you lots of space to store your photos and its search option is also very good. Google has added a new feature to Google Photos, which will allow you to extract any past nostalgic memory from collection of all your photos and videos on Google Photos.

Google Photos now rolls out a new feature named “remember this day”, which will show you all the photos, videos from the past. This feature is available for all Web version, Android apps as well as iOS app. It is similar to TimeHop and Facebook’s memories, but it is a bit different. This feature will show you information about your place or your friend, who was with you that day with some animation also.

This feature also allows you to share the information through various social platforms, but you have to first activate it to do so. This new feature of Google Photos is pretty good and amazing features for a person to enjoy some free time reminiscing some past moments of your life. This new feature is also going to be an added advantage for this cloud storage platform.