Want to downgrade watchOS 2.0, here is the option

By | July 10, 2015

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With the launch of watchOS 2.0 beta 3, Apple has confirmed officially that there is no way a user can downgrade its operating system of the Apple watch to the previous version of watchOS, the only option available for this is to send the watch to Apple.

First time the beta 1 of watchOS was released by Apple at its annual WWDC, after the release there is no way the users would have expected this shocking news of not able to downgrade the watchOS of the Apple Watch to the more stable watchOS 1.0, if they have opted for the beta version of watchOS 2.0.

In past many attempts have been made to downgrade the watchOS of the Apple watch, but all is vain. The only feasible option of downgrading the operating system of the Apple watch is to send your watch to Apple to perform the tasks. At Apple website, it has been written that only developer can perform the downgrade operation of the Apple watch, which means that you to restore the watchOS to its default watchOS 1.0, you are going to need help of Apple support.

Apple has clearly said that downgrade process cannot be done by Apple retail stress and Apple authorized Service provider, meaning if you have installed the beta version of watchOS 2.0 to your Apple watch and want to restore it to default watchOS 1.0, then you have no option other than sending your wearable device to Apple. So in this situation, you don’t have any option other than wait till your watch get back to you after downgrade process.

Apple has also not cleared that how much this process will costs the Apple watch user. Apple has assured its user, that this downgrade process of the OS of Apple watch will take up to 3 working days, once the device is downgraded it will be shipped back to the users. Apple has also said that it will send the same watch to the sender, which is received by the user for downgrade process.

The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland are the name of countries, where this downgrade process is available.

However, this downgrading problem of the watchOS 2.0 to the default watchOS 1.0 of Apple watch will not affect the normal user, because they install the apps only after they get official update. Only developers and tester install the beta version of watchOS 2.0, so they must have expected this kind of problem before upgrading the Apple watch.