Want Cookies? 20 Minutes And You Got It!

By | December 24, 2014

If you thought your life in San Francisco was good, well, it’s about to get better. San Francisco is often considered to be the start-up center of the world. Whenever a new and innovative start-up idea comes up, chances are that the people of San Francisco will definitely get to experience it. And that’s exactly what has happened once again.

There are so many times that we’ve craved freshly baked cookies. But that’s where it has ended, craving. Things have changed now with the entry of Doughbies. They are an on-demand, freshly baked cookie delivery service who are a part of 500 start-ups. They have claimed that they will deliver the freshly baked cookies to your doorstep in less than 20 minutes. Currently, the 20 minutes ceiling is only effective in the Mission Districts of San Francisco.


It might not seem like a very good idea to many people, however to those living in the Silicon Valley, the thought of getting freshly baked cookies the moment one feels a hankering for them seems too good to be ignored. The co-founder of Doughbies, Daniel Conway has revealed that they have big plans to expand the delivery locations in the near future. He added that bulk orders can/will be delivered even if they are outside the defined zip-code. Conway and technical co-founder Mariam Khan tested the concept for a couple of months before finally going live with it a week back.

Conway revealed that they had sold around 100 cookies in the ongoing week. He reckons he’s been working for around 80 hours a week at the moment due to added rush because of the holiday season. Many of these orders are gift orders.

It is pretty crazy that now you can get freshly baked cookies in about 20 minutes; without having to move. We wish Doughbies all the best in this fantastic venture!

Author: Saugaat

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