Walmart starts using Google’s AI to compete Amazon


The great shopping wars between the two giants, Amazon and Walmart has begun as Walmart has started using Google’s personal voice assistant to bring the Artificial Intelligence in shopping. Amazon has its own Voice Assistant named with Amazon Alexa and with this collaboration, people will be able to shop more conveniently by using Google’s AI. 

Walmart is one of the most popular and known corporate giant in the US which is teaming up with Google to provide Voice Assistant service to make your shopping more easier. After this, you will be able to use Google Home and Google express by using your voice. You can easily get your purchase delivered by commanding through these Google AI enabled devices from the Walmart’s retailers.

Amazon requires your Prime membership in order to get your items delivered quickly. But Walmart is coming up with something new, as soon as you meet the merchant’s minimum purchase option, the items will be delivered to your home for free. It will not ask you to pay monthly charges for a subscription. So, the whole service will be absolutely for free without spending any extra money.

Just to make your shopping more comfortable, you will be able to connect your Google account through Walmart. By this way, you will be notified with the items that you had purchased. So, you can make good decisions on choosing your other items for the next month. This will be a great feature and it will help you out in many ways in order to get you the best of shopping experience through your Walmart.

Google is aiming to cover more of the industry by providing hassle free services to different giants. For that, they are teaming up with more and more such giant to expand their Businesses. Google’s Home is one of the best smart speaker to help you out in many ways, we have even heard about Google’s small smart speaker on which they are currently working on!

In addition to this new collaboration, Walmart is offering plenty of additional discounts which is surely going to be a great move. It also offers two days free shipping if you buy products worth $35 or above. Unlike Amazon, you will be able to purchase your products with its Online retailers and pickup through the official Walmart stores as well.

Sadly, Walmart will not be available instantly on Google Express. For that, we all have to wait for a few more weeks, may be till September month of this current year. Hopefully, we would get to see more information about this new move by Walmart and Google.

What’s your thoughts on this? Will this be a good move by both these giants? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. If you have any feedback to share, kindly let us know by dropping us into the comments section given below this post. Until then, stay tuned for more such updates in the coming days.