Walmart discounts 16GB iPhone 5C and 5S for 90days


Walmart announced that there will be discounts on 16 GB iPhone 5C as well as 5S temporarily for ninety days with two year contract, Thes discounts are being applied to Walmart’s┬ápermanent iPhone pricing, with out-the-door cost of a 16GB iPhone 5S dropping from $99 to $79, while 16GB iPhone 5C models go from $29 to only 97 cents. Sale pricing requires a two-year contract with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or US Cellular. Walmart_iPhone_5S_5C As Every one are aware that Apple is ready to release the next generation smart device iPhone 6 expected to lineup at a special event on 9th September. Along with much rumored 4.7 inch version, the company also planning to release 5.5 inch variant, where we can call it as a Phablet iPhone 6 next month. But as per report this 5.5 inch variant can be expected to release next year. The 5.5 inch version is seems to bit late, so all eyes are focused on 4.7 inch and the rumors regarding 5.5 variant are slowly tricking out, actually this was the right time if you reduced the price of the iPhone 5S and 5C then the sales of these products will increase by the end of this temporary period Apple will release iPhone 6. Stay tune for more details regarding the discounts rates of iPhone 5S as well as iPhone 5C.