Wallet gets smarter with Wocket – CES 2015


When we are living in a decade where everything around us gets ‘smarter’, why not our wallet? Yes! you read it right. Our wallet has just got ‘smarter’ with NXT-ID’s Wocket. Wocket enables its users to store more than 1000s of credit and gift card information. It is even claimed “smaller than a typical wallet and user-friendly.”

Wocket - Smart wallet

The smarter wallet is designed in such a way to securely store electronic versions of credit cards on on-board memory plus it features a swipe-enabled physical card that can be programmed for single uses. Whenever the user need to swipe a card all he need to do it select it on the touch screen, pull out the Wocketcard and swipe it like a normal card. Same applies to the loyalty/gift cards where the bar-code is displayed instead.

Well, it is not only easy but also secure.┬áThe user needs to verify a PIN when he selects a card. The data is stored on the Wocket can only be unlocked with the user’s voice or PIN. Moreover, Wocket does not display the card information when is use, which prevents anyone from peeping onto the details and using it online. Adding to it is the insanely crazy battery life of lasting more than a year or two with regular usage. Its surprising to find out it uses just a coin cell battery.

Though the smart wallet is all electronic, it does let the user carry some cash in the added accessory. This Wocket has already hit the commercial market and is priced $150.

Despite of its incredible uses, the Wocket does not answer when the user wants to make second or third purchase. The user making just one purchase is not feasible all the time. Also, it is not mentioned its waterproof, for which rain or water may ruin the smart wallet.