The Walking Cat : A Puzzle Game in Windows Phone Store

By | August 11, 2014

The Walking Cat is a Puzzle game is available in Windows Phone Store for the Windows Smartphone users. This game has more than 200 levels, which makes the gameplay interesting. The story line of this- The Walking Cat game has you playing the role of Captain Puffy who has been separated from his love, Miss Purr-Purr.

In the game you will find that the Miss Purr-Purr will be placed on one side of the grid,  and you who are playing the role of the Captain Puffy is often at the opposite end of the grid and ZombieCat somewhere in between the two. This game is a casual puzzle game which grows up. It will test your strategy skills to stay one step ahead of the zombie and a nice time waster of a game.


In the main menu of  The Walking Cat you will find has some options such as mute the sound and music, links to view the about screen, rate the game in the Store and change the game’s language support. And at the bottom of the gaming screen of the game, you will find a pause button, a hint/solution button and a reset button. You can also afford ten credits to go towards hints or solutions (they cost 1 or 3 credits respectively) and if you run out,  then you can always pick up more through in-app purchases.

 The gameplay is simple, you have to use the directional arrows to move Captain Puffy to Miss Purr Purr. For every move the Captain makes, the ZombieCat will get a turn to move towards intercepting Captain Puffy. The Captain Puffy can move one square in time while ZombieCat moves two squares at each chance.


The Walking Cat is available free to download in the Windows app store. The app is compatible with low memory device means, it can support those Windows Smartphone who has only 512 MB of RAM. If, you want to download this then you can click here!

Feature of The Walking Cat are :

  • Simple user interface
  • Supports 512 MB devices also
  • 230 levels are available in the gameplay
  • Only 4 MB in size