VR film festival to happen in US and Canada

By | August 10, 2015


Virtual Reality is pretty amazing thing, but you won’t understand until you have experienced it. You can experience VR video by using Virtual Reality set or you can visit any VR film festival. More people will experience VR film while visiting film festival. If you want to visit a VR film festival, then Kaleidoscope VR Film Fest will be a good place for you, as it will show almost 20 short films from all over the world, which also includes Tyler Hurd directed butts. The one visiting this film fest will watch film on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets. If you want to visit then you also have to pay $15 for normal people, whereas students will have to pay a little less $10. You can also get $99 VIP tickets.

The tour will start on August 22nd in Portland, then it will go to Seattle on August 26th, Vancouver August 29th, San Francisco on September 15th, Los Angeles on September 23rd, Denver on September 26th, Toronto on October 4th, new York City on October 6th and finally Austin on October 14th. LA based Startup called Vrideo will be the sponsor of this film festival. So if you want to visit the VR film festival, then mark your calendar folks.