Vortex Robot allows kids to Program it

By | July 10, 2015


There is no doubt that this is the age of robotics revolution, as robots are used for some physical works as well as industrial use. It was not a surprise to see some projects for robot featured smart toys, where robots are popping up everywhere, specifically on Kickstarter crowd-funding website.

Vortex is created and designed by DFRobot, a company started in 2008 and has been selling independent product ever since its evolution. The Vortex is revealed by Kickstarter, which is planning to raise $50,000 from crowd funding. Vortex is a very responsive and stylish device, which will deliver incredible fun and creativity and it will fit in your palm easily.


Vortex is a programmable robot for children, which will play with them with the help of mobile apps. This robot also teaches the kids some basics about programming the robot and how to work with the robotics. This robot will connect with iOS and Android devices to play games and teach the young children some basic programming.

This Vortex robot is designed by DFRobot, and will start working after unpacking it from the box in just few simple steps for settings things up. First, you have to download companion apps to your iOS and android devices and then pair the robot to your device with the help of Bluetooth. Once you have done these steps, then the computer inside the Vortex is ready to work.

This robot is very good for kids of age 6 years and more. Learning basics program of robotics from this device becomes easy due to its colorful interface. Kids can also play some pre-installed game through the companion apps and those games are Virtual Golf, Bumping Fight with robots, driving a racing game, Robot soccer. Kids can play all the games alone or with other Vortex robot of other kids.


The best part of this Vortex robot, which is powered by an open source Arduino, is its simple interface. By using this simple interface on the iPad or some other android device, kids can actually learn how to program it. Vortex allows children to create their own game by using its drag and drop functions. Children can also use some pre-sets provided by vortex, which include navigating around and knowing hand gestures.

“We believe kids can benefit a lot from robotics, in identifying their own challenges, learning how stuff works, solving new problems, motivating themselves to complete a project, working together, inspiring others, and sharing with others. That’s why we created Vortex to be more than just a toy.” writes DF Robot on Kickstarter page.

Vortex can also see objects and it can also speak to kids by using infrared and grayscale. A video uploaded by Kickstarter shows Vortex responding to a girl, who tells Vortex goodnight.

The vortex is also affordable device as if you donate $69, you’ll get a single Vortex robot with specifically designed golf course and a sticker set. If you donate $129, you’ll get two Vortex robots, a gaming map, golf course and a sticker set. If vortex becomes successful, then DFRobot will start shipping this Vortex robot from October of this year.