Volvo’s Life Paint illuminates bike at night

By | April 1, 2015

It is well known that Volvo and safety are inseparable. Volvo holds the highest record for developing and integrating safety systems in their vehicles. Recently, the Swedish company has launched a new ‘paint’ called  Life Paint for the cyclists to make them more visible for the drivers at night and reduce the chance of accident at night.

Volvo life paint


Life Paint is a spray-on reflective paint developed by Grey London in alliance with Albedo100, the reflective paint maker that uses special material that is invisible in daylight but brighten up after dark in the glare of automobile headlights. It is a temporary transparent reflective spray paint that can be sprayed onto any metal or plastic or even fabric that illuminates when touched with vehicle headlights. The paint lasts up to 10 days if not disturbed and could be easily washed off with water and soap. The paint does not damage the quality of the material.

Life paint is just in its trial stages at six London and Kent bike shops where 2000 cans are distributed to cyclists for free. The product would be available globally after its successful trial run and any changes to the system if need to be done.

Grey London in the product statement said, “Volvo has always taken safety seriously.” “They invented the three-point seat belt in 1959 and then opened up the patent so that any manufacturer could use it. Now they are giving away a product to take Volvo safety beyond its cars.”

Apart from cyclists, Life Paint can be applied on joggers, dog walkers, construction crews, safety personal, drivers suffering mechanical problems and likely a host of others.


If safety can have a sexy skin, then it definitely has to be Volvo!

To know more, check the video below.