Voice transcripts for Google Voice and Project Fi gets better

By | July 24, 2015


Google Voice users always had complaint about the wrong interpretation of what they say, as Google voice occasionally works accurately, but most of the time it doesn’t work properly. According to a blog post by Google, Google had asked some users to share their voicemail, so that the company can research on them and improve the voicemail system of Google Voice and project Fi. Google has said that it has reduced error rates by 49 percent.

For using this new improved voicemail transcripts, users don’t have do anything new, they just have to use the Google Voice as they have been using it before. This new improved voicemail transcript is already out for both Google Voice and Project Fi. As company has said that they have reduced error rate by 49 percent, meaning this again won’t be 100 percent accurate, but certainly better than the previous one. Google has also said that they will be keep working on improving the voicemail transcript.