Vocabulary.com Android app launched : Review and download link

By | April 30, 2014

The most popular word learning website Vocabulary.com has launched the app for Android devices and is supported on the devices running on Android 4.1 or higher. Earlier Vocabulary.com has launched the iOS app last month and it supports for devices running on iOS 6.1 or higher.

Vocabulary.com Android app, with its unique word learning system it helps you to master the words and learning words here is fun and addictive. This app is powered by the world’s smartest and fastest dictionary and it helps you to expand your vocabulary with lightning speed.  It is very interesting to learn the vocabulary here because the users to win some points, badges and achievements and you can compete with anyone around the  world and scores based on daily and monthly basis.


The app uses the most sophisticated algorithm to help you more effectively and uses about 1,20,000 questions to teach the 12,000 words. It uses the science of learning and makes it easy to learn the words. The app will compare your answer with millions of answers given by other Vocabulary.com users and the app personalize your learning experience and it selects you the right question at the right time.

While answering the questions, if you get any multiple-choice question correct, you can swipe to the right for the context based definition. If the answer you given is incorrect then it asks you to try again. The app is intelligent that, with the increase usage of the app by the user it recognizes that what the users know so far and what they need a help with.

This app takes the data for a period of time and it offers more words to learn. Vocabulary.com has done excellent work that, there are effective meanings in layman language for every word, which you can understand easily and can remember for long time.

The current version of vocabulary.com is 1.0.2 and download and it is available in Google Play Store. It is a paid app and you need to pay Rs.181.67 to get the app.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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