Vmware released Fusion 7 with support OS Yosemite

By | September 4, 2014

Vmware has launched fusion 7, its a new version of virtual machine which is designed for Mac OS. This version 7 adds support for OS X Yosemite with both guest as well as host Operating system and supports windows 8.1.


This new version 7 also look new and good, which is designed to fit exactly Operating System Yosemite. This new Vmware fusion 7 promises the good performance, better connectivity with periperals, Retina display optimizations. This new build was specially made for the forthcoming Operating system Yosemite. In addition to running in OS Yosemite fusion allows the users to run OS Yosemite virtual machine.

The new build also more tightly integrates Windows 8.1 into the Yosemite desktop by allowing users to run Windows Store apps side-by-side with OS X applications. Access to store apps is also extended to adding shortcuts to the OS X Launchpad, Applications folder and Dock. When windows runs on Windows unity mode.

VMWare Fusion 7 also promises to better harness the latest Haswell processors thanks to an optimized 64-bit engine and better use of multi-core processors, meaning that virtual machine performance should be much closer to that of a native machine

As I mentioned earlier that this fusion 7 has improved the retina display optimization that extended to windows virtual machine, now users can run windows across both retina as well as non retina displays with near seamless experience.

Fusion pro comes with a dual GPU optimization, virtual network management and better support for cloned virtual mac. This new fusion 7 is available for free on Mac running OS X 10.8 and next, this can be purchased for $69.9 and upgrades for version 5 and 6 costs $4.99. where as fusion pro costs $149.99 and 79.9 for upgrades.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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