Vivo Teases Thinnest Smartphone Measuring Only 3.8mm


Devices that are launched lately arrive with thin and sleek profiles and the new iPhones and iPad Air are few such offerings that have got thinner. The same trend is followed by the Android devices as well with Samsung have shrunk the thinness of Galaxy smartphones and the newly launched Oppo R5 and Gionee Elife S5.1 that the thinnest smartphones in the world.

Well, it looks like these smartphones may not hold that title for too long as a fellow Chinese manufacturer Vivo is reportedly prepping the slimmest smartphone. Vivo has taken to Sina Weibo to tease the same revealing photos that show an unnamed smartphone. The handset is seen alongside with the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S and what is interesting is that it is just half the thickness of it. As the iPhones measure 7.6 mm thick, it is believed that the Vivo model carries a thickness of a mere 3.8 mm. This is well below the thickness of 4.85 mm of the Oppo R5 making it incredibly thin for a smartphone.


Sadly, other than these images showing the thin profile of the smartphone, nothing about its official announcement followed and hence, it is not clear if the smartphone is in production or not. If you are dreaming to own a paper thin smartphone, you ought to wait for an official announcement from Vivo.

But the questions in our minds do not end with its possible launch date alone. The other big question is what Vivo could possibly house inside that smartphone as there would hardly be any space. Of course, we know that the phone would ditch a micro SD expandable card slot and the 3.5 mm audio jack as in the Oppo R5. We hope, the battery life remains uncompromised for the thinness of the smartphone.

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