Violett : Fantasy Adventure Game For Windows Phone


If you like fantasy games, then Violett is made for you. It is a Fantasy Adventure Game For Windows Phone. The Violett, is a awesome drawn up for the Windows Phone  platform, in this adventure game where you play the role of the lead character. It is also available for low memory devices, it means for those Windows Phone who has 512 MB of RAM. The actual of cost of this game is $3.99, but with the help of myAppFree promotion, you can get this game for free.

In the game you will find a young and rebellious teenage girl, is moving into a new home with her family. The Violett is not too happy about moving away from her friends and stumbles upon a mysterious light coming from a mouse hole. You also found that the Violett  has transported to a fantasy world where are singing frogs and garden gnomes. At here the Violett has gained the power of telekinesis and navigate through intricate puzzles to find her way home. However, an evil Spider Queen is set on keeping Violett trapped in this psychedelic world.

You can also find a hint button which will point you in the right direction but most of the Violett’s game play deals with exploration and using your imagination to solve the puzzles to guide Violett from different areas of her fantasy world in this game. You download this game in your Windows phone from here!