With Vine Favorite feature you will never miss your favorite videos

By | November 26, 2014


Vine has upgraded its app on Tuesday and included a new favorite option, which allow you to make sure that you see all the videos from your most treasured Vine users. Vine favorite feature will send the push notification and notify you in your Vine feed when any of your favorited account posts a video. You can favorite an account by just tapping on the star shaped icon present at the upper-right hand corner of the app screen.

When the user’s favorite profiles post any new content, a push notification will appear on the user’s activity feed. Now the users can review, change or stop their favorite accounts and push the notification settings in the Settings section of the Vine app. Felix Fung, wrote on Vine’s official blog that, “We have been testing this feature at Vine, and it’s really helped us keep up with the people and Vines we care about most”.

Beachfront Media study has revealed that, push notifications can be instrumental in gaining views and followers, as well as building up a brand. It found in its research that 80 percent of video app users opt to keep push notifications on for topics, content, companies and people they are passionate about. Vine users fall into the latter category for a good chunk of its 100 million monthly viewers. If 80% of those users keep push notifications activated for some of their favorite Vine channels and you can expect platform’s 1 billion loops per month to dramatically increase in future.

You can also view the accounts you liked in the settings tab at any time. Recently, Vine has added discovery options to its iOS app to help its users find new videos. Though, the new upgrade is not huge, it should keep up with 6 second videos in a more sustainable way than refreshing your feed every 5 seconds.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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