Vidooly, Indian Video Analytics Startup Acquires iCouchApp


Vidooly, Bangalore based Indian video analytics startup has acquired iCouchApp, a startup working with over-the-top content.

iCouchApp has reportedly been serving 1.5 million active monthly users till the acquisition. With the developed technology, it helps the users find new content and interact with their favorite shows by putting an interactive layer on top of the video content aggregated from various sources. Along with that, it helps the media companies to manage their own OTT (Over the top) apps with its technology. iCouchApp has been working with the likes of ZeeTV and History18 to manage and distribute the content.

iCouchApp had recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding from a bunch of investors including Google India MD Rajan Anandan, Srikant Sastri, Hyderabad Angels and Mumbai Angels. With the raised funds, iCouchApp has worked on improving its technology to curate the content from traditional TV sources and online sources.

Speaking on this development, Nishant Radia-Co founder of Vidooly said that Vidooly has been working with the likes of YouTube and Facebook to provide intelligent analytical solutions since a while now. Considering the content consumption on mobile increasing exponentially, iCouchApp and its technology will help Vidooly gain expertise over the mobile data and help being early adopters in embracing the traditional TV content going online.