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By | September 24, 2014

VidMo, an instant video moments apps which helps to create the moment movie with the photos within the blink of an eye. Vidmos based on the events of your life are created automatically along with the music and animation and you can also edit them as well. Pollen Plants Labs has released this VidMo app recently for all iOS platforms and it is already seeing the great response to the app already and it has already received the lot of positive comments from the users.


The Official spokesperson of Pollen Plants Labs, Sonal Agarwal  said “I was always lost in the plethora of pictures that I kept capturing through the day. The problem begun when my special moment was riuned because I kept looking for the right picture. And then we got the idea of developing an app, which captures all your special moments and automatically convert them into the video”.

All one needs to do is install the app and its creates such moments out of the photos in the gallery. Keep clicking those pictures and Voila! You get a notification that a new moment is created as soon as the app discovers them.

Moments are categorized into

  • Multi-Day events – a family trip, some bachelor party and more
  • Daily events – your graduation day, birthday party, office party and more
  • Mini moments – those cute moments with your newly born baby

Once those “VidMos” are created, you can edit the music, animation and photos them if required and then can share it through the app via email , Youtube, iMessage, Facebook or Whatsapp. You can export them to phone albums as well. No signup is required to start creating the video moments.

Download VidMo app for iOS

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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