Vhoto iPhone app allows you to take still photos from videos

By | May 5, 2014

There are so many pretty moments and some expressions hidden in the videos which you watch in your iPhone. You would have a thought of capturing those beautiful and awesome moments in that video. For this purpose there are some apps like Stillshot which will help you to extract the videos but it does it by frame by frame and from that choose the single frame which capture that moment perfectly and make it into a photo. But it takes some time and lot of work to do.

For this purpose Vhoto iPhone app has been launched and it uses computer vision technology to scan the videos intelligently to find the best photographic moments. You will be confused sometimes whether to take the photos or videos, but Vhoto app clears your confusion because now you can extract the photos from video.


How it works

  • Download the Vhoto app from iTunes store.
  • After launching select which video you want to scan.
  • Now Vhoto scans your video and its algorithm magically picks the best moments from the video which are worthy to be saved as photos.
  • You can either directly rake the video from the app or choose one of the existing video from the camera roll.
  • You can edit the photos with its unique set of filters and editing options.
  • You can share the saved photos on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Vhoto has got the simple user interface and it is straight forward. It has got the basic editing tools and social networking shortcuts which lets you to share the photos thr It is free to download and works on iPhone 4S or higher and iOS 7 or higher.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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