Verizon’s Hum transforms your old car with smart features


In this weird world, there are two kinds of people. One who keep changing their phone once the device completely becomes outdated or tend to buy a new phone that has just arrived in the market and the other who still repair the old phone to make use of that device completely until the depreciation value of the device reaches to the zero point.

It’s very easier to change from phone to phone but it is difficult to replace the car with a brand new car every time.

Earlier made cars are not well-equipped with the latest technology that the new cars have, and renovating is highly expensive. To solve this issue and to give an old car a new smart look, Verizon is all set to launch its new product called ‘Hum’ that pledges to transform your old car into a brand new smart car.

Verizon had announced about its latest product Hum at the North American International Auto Show in January. Hum comprises two main mechanism: a dongle that plugs into your car’s OBDII diagnostic port and a Bluetooth device that bobs to the sun visor.

Overall, it endows users with diagnostics, a mechanic’s hotline, a Bluetooth phone interface and roadside assistance.

Michael Maddux, Director of product for Verizon Telematics, says that the guiding principle behind Hum was simplicity, this isn’t a product designed with obsessive car enthusiasts in mind, but rather normal people who want extra safety and diagnostic features for their older cars.

Meanwhile, this product works with OBDII and its hypothetically possible to install in any car sold after the year 1996 in the US and thereby it also connects with an app for iOS and Android. Verizon doesn’t charge for the hardware, however, one needs to subscribe to the service for $14.99 per month and $12.99 for any additional vehicles to be connected. Verizon’s Hum will be made available to everyone and not just Verizon cell users.

With the help of the Verizon’s Hum app, drivers can obtain data about their fuel economy and their car’s health. For instance, if you turn your car on and see the Check Engine Light, the app can actually tell you why it’s on. This is more or less the same as what’s offered by the Automatic dongle.

Verizon’s Hum Features:

The help hotline Feature makes Hum beyond Automatic. The visor device allows you to connect with the Mechanic’s hotline where an ASE-Certified Mechanic will help you to diagnose the problem and tells you whether the car is safe to drive and how much the repair will cost. Hum also features a button that can dial emergency services, using the GPS in the dongle to track your exact location. It can also access its own GPS to aid you in finding your car in a parking area or helps you to track the location of car, if your car has been stolen.

There’s an accelerometer in the dongle that can sense if you met with an accident and calls 911 for you. The best part of this product Hum is that it can directly connect with the Verizon’s hotline or emergency services without using your phone.

The Hum is especially designed and packaged for the average consumer in mind. It doesn’t integrate rich automatic services like IFTT or Nest and it doesn’t matter much because this new product Hum have made a smart move in the world of tech and the biggest fact is that it is manufactured by a famous company like Verizon which would totally widen up its charm.

“We’ll reserve our final judgment until we can install Hum in one of our cars. If it works well, it might be a great tool for the average driver who wants a little more out of their older car” says Verizon.