Verizon Successfully Completed 100G NID Trial


The Carrier provide Verizon has completed another technology milestone by proving that 100G traffic can be successfully carried over Verizon’s regional Ethernet network between two 100G network interface devices while maintaining carrier-grade performance.

The Guru Pai chief product officer and senior vice president of corporate technology OF the Verzion network has said that -” This accomplishment, which we believe is an industry first, is a significant step forward along the evolution of 100G technology in preparation for the day when demand for higher network speed and capacities outgrows current technologies”


He also mentioned in his announcement- “Having 100G network access will be important for businesses that operate data centers and for mobile backhaul and other service applications. And while the pace of advancement is important, we’re equally focused on performance – and this trial proves we can carry 100G traffic to customer premises while maintaining the level of quality they demand,”.

Verizon is becoming a leader in 100G technology for the past several years. In the September 2011, the company deployed 100G technology on an ultra-long-haul optical system on the first of several routes in the U.S. Currently, Verizon has approximately 20,000 100G miles deployed on its U.S. network and 8,500 total 100G miles on its European network. “The success of this trial of the Verizon’s leadership in high-bandwidth technology while providing a better understanding of the technology’s challenges and possibilities for future development,” said Pai.