Verizon rolls out updates that supports Samsung Pay



Verizon has started to roll out the Samsung Pay support to some of the selected Samsung Smartphones. The name of compatible phones are Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy edge plus and the Note 5. The carrier has started rolling out updated software that will support Samsung Pay to these devices in United States.

Samsung Pay came to U.S. for other carriers on September 28th after successful run in South Korea. Verizon announced a week earlier that it will support Samsung Pay, but it also told its customers to wait for a software update. Finally the carrier has launched the update now.

Samsung Pay is different than other online payment system including Apple Pay and Android Pay. Samsung Pay supports retailer that has credit card swiping machine in addition to the retailers with NFC enabled POS system. The credit card that supports Samsung Pay are Mastercard, American Express and Visa cards issued by major banks.

This update from Verizon also comes with a security patch that prevents the Stagefright security flaws of your Android smartphones. This patch will stop hackers from stealing content from your mobile by taking control of microphones and cameras of your smartphones.

Verizon has sent the update, but users have to download the Samsung Pay via Google Play store. This means that you have to wait until Samsung Pay goes live on the Play Store. Still, it is not clear when Samsung will post its payment system on Google Play Store. It is really a bad news for Verizon customers, because they have to wait little longer to use Samsung Pay.