Verizon to offer free video streaming services on Mobile and Tablet



Verizon is set to launch its new video service for mobile named Go90 this week. The news of its launch has been confirmed by New York Times. This video service is developed keeping young Gen people in mind as they tend to use mobile for watching videos. So this service would allow them to watch the video on their phone rather than cable packages. While other companies are planning to bring the internet content to the cable and setup boxes, Verizon thinks other way.

Go90 is a free video streaming service for the mobile that supports ads. Anyone can use this service on their smartphones and tablets no matter what wireless connection you use. This service offers users contents of TV, live programming including sports and some other original internet contents. This service will also allow user to share clips on social media platform.


Brian Angiolet, the Senior Vice President of Consumer and Product at Verizon said, “More than ever, with the kinds of content that people are engaged in, their ability to be first to find it and share it is wrapped up in identity,”

This service is going to features shows from channels like ESPN, Discovery, VH1, Comedy Central, NFL network and Food Network. This will also show some online series along with contents from Awesomeness TV, Maker Studios, Defy, Vice and Machinima. The best part is that you don’t have to pay $5 anymore to watch NFL games.

You can access lots of video contents by just installing one app on your tablet or smartphones. Verizon is hoping that this free video service encourage more users to purchase some bigger and more costlier data plan.

This new video streaming service from Verizon will also allow users to set profiles to personalize their video watching experience. Users can cut the video and share it like a short video on different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Apart from sharing short clip, people can also follow the profiles of their friend as well as some celebrities too.