Vector Android Game : Review and Download link


The game vector is an Android game, This Game is purely action game. The main objective of this vector is simple moving from one end to another end with out being caught. You can get this android game in Google play store. This game is similar to the game parkour. Basically this game is a side scrolling game on the basics of Parkour. I started by picking a location the first of three (Downtown)was opened by default. Each leave has its own appropriately named sub levels which had to to be unlocked.


How to play

  • Initially you have to download this new vector game from Google play store of you Android device, Then it starts installing automatically.
  • After installing the app an icon will appear on the screen, If you click on it the game opens into the world where freedom and individuality is nothing more than a distant dream.
  • Actual game play directly starts from an inbuilt tutorial which make us a big plus to play this game.
  • There was a bad guys with the hero, Hero have to cross from one end to other end with out touching the the bad guys.
  • I mean to say you have to escape from the bad guys by jumping, swipes etc mean while you can collect the Goodies and trick to learn.
  • Collecting coins will help us to open the special moves in further levels.


  • Visually this game will be treat for the Game lovers, The graphics are awesome.
  • twenty challenging levels makes addictive towards this game.
  • Easy to learn, By playing this game you will feel great
  • Controls are easy to swipe.


  • Sound in this Game is not up to the mark


over all this game is visually treat for the game lovers, The graphic and sound are quite good when comes to controls it is very easy to understands, simply swiping is the only control.

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