How to Use Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 Technical Preview


The software giant Microsoft has added many new features in its Windows 10 operating system. The Virtual Desktop is one of the latest and important feature of the Windows 10 Technical Preview Operating system. The virtual desktops feature in Windows 10 is called “Task View” and is located on the Taskbar in the OS. And this feature is already available in the Linux and Apple’s Mac Operating Systems.

Now today  I will teach you how you can use the  Virtual Desktops feature of the Windows 10 Technical Preview operating system into your PC’s or laptops, you only have to follow the important steps which are given below.

Steps to Use Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 Technical Preview

  1. First of all you have click the “Task View” button brings up the Task View interface, where you can see your open windows on virtual desktops you have added.taskview
  2. Now you have to open the Task View interface for the first time, or you only have one desktop, the “Add a desktop” button which is available in the interface.multiview in desktop
  3. Click it to add another virtual desktop.


  4. If you have program windows open on your desktops, they show on the thumbnails of the desktops on the Task View interface.
  5. When you move your mouse over a desktop on the Task View interface then you can easily switch between the Desktops. Click on one of the large thumbnails to make that program (and the corresponding desktop) active. Click on a desktop on the Task View interface to make that desktop active.
  6. You can also switch between the desktops  by pressing the Windows key + Tab. The programs on the currently active desktop display as large thumbnails
  7. You can also move programs among the different desktop by Right-click on the large thumbnail for the program you want to move, select “Move to”, and then select the desktop number to which you want to move the program.transfer programs between desktops
  8. And if you want to close the desktop, click the “Task View” button on the Taskbar to bring up the Task View interface. Then Move your mouse over the thumbnail for the desktop you want to close.
  9. Now Click the X button that displays in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail to close the particular Desktop.close desktop