How to use Ultra Power Saving mode of Galxay S5 to extend Battery


The Manufacturers of the smartphones are thinking and adding every single feature to the devices, Battery life becoming the a concern. Samsung showing very much enthusiasm towards Samsung Galaxy S5’s ultra power saving mode since the announcement of the device. By using the mode ultra power saving mode of Galxay S5 you can extent the battery life. This mode is said to do wonders with battery after extending it by multiple days some thing new which is unheard these days with coming smartphones.

Samsung has decided to offer us a own test, providing this ultra Power saving mode can really keep a Galaxy alive, ┬áThe Korean manufactures’s consisted on trying to keep a smartphone alive for the duration of the road trip doing from coast to coast. All with out recharging the smartphone a single time. This may prove to be the ultimate test where this Samsung device Galaxy S5 passed it.

Galaxy S5_ultra_power_saving-mode


This device survived for seven days in which 119 pictures were taken, 86 text messages were sent, over four minutes video were recorded and 16 minutes talk time were used. In the power saving ultra mode screen goes to grey scale mode, turns off WiFi and Bluetooth as well as killing data while the display is off, It also opposes the user not to open the unwanted applications and also leaves the only few messages essential and browser active.

By clicking here you can able to seen the video of the test, we don’t know if Samsung cheated or not, but it seems like a reasonable deed considering what Ultra Power Saving Mode does. The user would sacrifice much all non essential features. For more details stay tune.