How to use today’s view widgets in iOS 8


In iOS 8 the notification center changes up a bit and one of the new abilities in iPhone and iPad users have is the option to add widgets to the today tab. This means that if application developers decide to include a widget with their app, you can access information they provide right through the Today tab in Notification Center. This information could be sports scores, weather data, and lots more. Here in this article you can get the clear information about how to use today’s view widgets in iOS 8.

Steps to add and remove widgets in the widgets Today’s views of Notification Center

  • Swipe down from the top the screen on your iPhone or iPad which runs on iOS 8 or higher.
  • Tap on today if it isn’t already selected and scroll towards the bottom and tap on edit.
  • Add and remove widgets as you would like by tapping on the plus icons or the delete icons next to a widgets name.
  • you can drag widgets up and down to change the order in which appear in the today tab of notification center as well.




Checking notification center is a good idea to see if some of your favorite apps have added support for widgets. If they have, an option to add it to the Today tab will show up. Simply you add and remove them on demand.