How to use spotlight search on iOS 8


Spotlight feature is used to search for the content on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Spotlight is an easy way to search or find out almost everything on your iOS devices. Spotlight searches for the certain text fields in the content of your iOS device for the text beginning with your search phrase. It is not case sensitive, so that you can search using the upper case or lower case letters.

From the field you can search for the music and apps, emails, messages and contacts and much more apps. Words with out space between will be counted as the separate words, but if each word starts with an upper case letter. For example, if you search for car, it will also includes the words like “AppleCare” but doesn’t include “racecar”.


Best thing is Spotlight can be easily accessed from the home screen i.e, from any home screen.

How to use spotlight search on iOS 8

  • From any Home screen of your iPad or iPhone, touch your finger on the screen and drag down it to reveal the Spotlight search field.
  • Type for what you are looking for and hit enter.

This will provide the results for the keyword what you have typed. Spotlight searches for the calendar events and remainders in the two year window and it will reveal the results from one year in the past and one year in future. It searches for the text in your text messages and sender. It also searches for artist, titles and album feeds of your songs, audio books, videos and podcasts.