How to use Ok Google everywhere on Android device

By | July 16, 2014

Ok, Google is the intelligent personal intelligent from Google for the Android devices. It is the straight competitor for Apple Siri for iOS and Microsoft Cortana for Windows Phone platform. Ok, Goggle is now available to the Chrome browser also. Google has started rolling out the improvements to Ok, Google from time to time.

Last week Google has rolled out the massive update to voice search in the Google Search app by enabling the “Ok Google” hotword detection everywhere on Android device. Now the Android users can also access the Ok, Google feature from the lock screen of the Android device.

But this update is slowly rolling to the users on per-account basis. If you don’t want to wait till you get the update then you can get the instant access to the feature. To do this follow the below tutorial to enable the Ok Google everywhere on the Android device.


How to use Ok Google everywhere on Android device

  • First open the Google search app on your Android device and search for “Ok Google everywhere”
  • Now go back to your Google now voice settings and you will find the Ok Google section which has two options, one is From any screen and other is From lock screen as shown in the screenshot.
  • Select the options where you want to enable the OK Google.

Thats it! it is very simple and now you can perform voice search from any where on the Android device. This is the massive update which is very flexible to the users.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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