How to use your mobile phone as Business card scanner


Are you used to attend meetings, conference, meet new people everyday and exchange the business card with them. Thus, if you are doing the same over the year then you have lots of card which is not possible to keep every time with yourself. Even among them some are useless and some contains important numbers that you don’t want to loss. Now you have an option to save those important cards digitally on your phone’s contact book or even on cloud such as Google Contacts.


Earlier days there was some dedicated device to scan business cards which was not possible for everyone to use but now world has become changed, you can now scan all your business cards using your smartphone’s camera and save them as contact and upload them to the cloud to access them from any corner of the world.

Now you are thinking how we can do that, don’t be tensed, here are the full details how to do so. Business card scanner apps are available for all mobile platforms and some will even work with mobile phones that have a low-resolution camera.

How to use your mobile phone as Business card scanner

Best  business card reader apps

Google Goggles

The first app that you can try is Google Goggles. This is a free app available for both Android and iPhone based mobile handsets that uses your phone’s camera to scan a business card, perform OCR and then provides you to an option to add the scanned data as a new contact to your contact list. Later you can upload those new contacts to the cloud.

As I saw the app is very fast and accurate to get the data from the business card. As in the video it is clearly shown that we can scan and save 60 cards in a minutes which is really remarkable for any app. Not only this app is avaialble for this porpose, lets move to another app that does the same.


This app comes from the LinkedIn family allows you to scan and save business cards but the process of making it digital is quite different than the above one. You download the app on your iPhone (the BlackBerry version is coming soon), log in with your existing LinkedIn and then capture  an image of any business card. The image is instantly uploaded to CardMunch servers where employees will convert the card into a digital contact and it is then pushed down to your phone.

CardMunch is specially an iPhone app but works fine with the iPad camera as well. The only drawback of this app is obvious – it is not fast compared to Goggles but you won’t have to wait for more than a few hours to get your scanned result in digital format.

If you want instant result or output then I would suggest you to go for Google business card scanner. It will be good for you.

Abbyy Business Card Reader (iPhone/ Android)

Now the app about which I am going to talk about is Abbyy app that works great if one has low resolution camera. It works on both Android and iPhone. Using this app you can work offline. First, the app performs OCR offline and thus you can scan business cards anywhere without an active data connection on your phone.

That’s great!, You have successfully scanned all your business card, drop a comment if you liked this article and share it to your social wall.