How To Use Google Maps Offline on Phone


This article gives you the clear information about how to use the Google Maps Offline on phone as well as how to navigate, Find place in transit direction and live traffic conditions and many more. Most of the people wants to use Google Maps Offline for this you required mobile data connection or WiFi, Even through with out connection there are few ways to use Google Maps offline on phone. Only thing you need to do is follow the steps given below steps.

Steps to use Google Maps Offline On Phone 

  • Initially you search for the desired location in the Google map.
  • Once you are done with the finding the desired location now tap on the search bar and write Ok Maps and Press Enter.
  • When you Tap on enter it will promote you to save the map, Zoom it save your desired location.
  • Now wait for the map to be saved.
  • Once you are tap on the person icon.
  • Now you will be seen the shown places on your phone and in the end offline maps.
  • When ever you have no connection you can use maps offline by going to your Google maps profile page.