How to use Dual window on LG G3

By | August 22, 2014

LG G3 is the prestigious flagship from LG and it is packed with so many useful features, but you need to know about all these. With its Dual Window feature you can interact with not one, but with two apps at one time. LG is not the first manufacturer to implement this kind of feature, but with its large 5.5 inch screen, to play with it is very useful.


How to use Dual window on LG G3

Lets see here how to use the Dual Windows feature in LG G3. First you need to go to make sure that Dual Window is enabled in the phone.

  • First go to the settings on your phone
  • In settings, under device, scroll down until you see “Dual Window”
  • Now switch on the on-screen toggle to “on”.

That’s it dual window feature has been enabled on LG G3. While you are in settings, you will find an option  for the “split view” which will automatically engage dual window when you tap on the links in the full screen or for the image attachments in emails.

Enabling the dual window is very simple and can be done from any app or any screen from your phone. Just hold your finger on the back button until you see the box displayed. But, unfortunately there are only few apps for LG G3 which you can use in dual window mode and they will displayed here. Here is the full list of apps available which support dual window on LG G3.

  • Internet
  • Messaging
  • Recent apps
  • Gallery
  • Chrome
  • Email
  • Google maps
  • Youtube
  • Hangouts
  • File Manager
  • Gmail

Drag the apps which you want to use into one place and and one top up and down the button and Windows now snap into the position. Tap on the window which you want to resize and the blue border appears and drag the bottom edge appears and drag the bottom edge to make is larger or smaller.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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