How to use Documents in iCloud

By | July 10, 2014

Whenever you open an Apple based application  on your Mac or other Apple device,  which supports a new document  in the iCloud also. These Documents and Data option are enabled in the iCloud System preferences in order to use this feature, but once you enable it, it can make your work life much simpler. Here you will get the ways and methods, with the help of which you can  use Documents in iCloud .

Way to use Documents in iCloud

First of all you have to opening the Documents Stored in the Cloud – You can select the file and open it directly from the iCloud document in the app which is currently open. Only those files which can be opened by the particular app are shown And the last modified date will be listed under the document. But these files are not locally stored on your server.


Saving Documents into the Cloud -There are mainly three ways to get documents from iCloud which is compatible with apps into your iCloud account. The first is to create a new document and navigate to File > Save. From the Where the drop-down menu, choose  the iCloud,  with a specific a name, and after that you have to click the Save button. Then the file will be automatically pushed to your Apple’s iCloud. And if the document is already saved locally on your system, then you can drag and drop it onto the iCloud document pane to automatically upload it to iCloud. The user can use the AutoSave drop-down menu in the title bar of the app window. And after that you have to select the disclosure triangle which will appear after mousing over, and then  you have to select the “Move to iCloud” option.

Organizing Your Stored Documents-   You can also organize your documents in the iCloud. In the iCloud you can able to change the view from icon to table view by selecting between the two view buttons at the bottom of the iCloud document plane. The iCloud service of the Apple is also offering you Drag and drop one file on top of another to create a folder. Right-click the folder and choose Rename to change the name of the folder. You can also right-click any file or folder to duplicate it, move it to the Trash, or open it with Quick Look. You can type a search term into the text field in the upper-right corner of the iCloud document pane to search.