How to use CRM efficiently for brand success

By | November 27, 2014

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is the system for managing the company’s interactions with current and future customers. There is more to the CRM than what we see and it is not just the typical database utilized by the agents in the call center setting to call or receive the calls from customers. Though CRM can sort the customers and help the call center agents, but the real worth of it is edge it offers to the brands aiming for long lasting relations with their customers. In the present competition, no matter whether the brand is big or small, it wants to maintain long term relationship with their customers.

Though CRM has wide range of applications, it is not used to its full potential and the companies are not getting any major benefit from them. Here are the few tips which helps to use CRM efficiently for brand success.

  • Put Away Scripts : Many times when scripts are necessary, but at the other times brands just want to play it safe by utilizing the script. Scripts in reality can become a roadblock in building the relationship. Caller can hit scripts quicker than brands think and it frustrates the customer called for spontaneous communication. Most of the call center agents also frustrated by presence of script because it forces agents to tilt conversation in one direction whereas logically it should follow in other direction. So the agents conversation should be natural and this keeps customer interested.
  • Create an Empathetic Bond : Long term relationship with customers doesn’t happen all of sudden and brands need to preserve this. Most of the important aspect that should be noticeable in any communication is affinity. Customers are calling up for a reason and it is a problem which has blocked their schedule. Agent attending the call should under customer’s problems. This the way to build the long term relationship with customers.
  • Recognition of telephone numbers : Thanks to the modern technology known as Calling Line Identity, which made it easy to recognize the customer phone number early. It is popularly seen with mobile phones, but it can be used by call centers by linking telephone system to database using CTI. Such setup would let the agents to get a pop-up notification containing caller details on agent’s screen as soon as call is connected.
  • VIP line : Some customers call one or two times, some others shop from one destination time after time. These users form valuable customers for your brand. So it is necessary to give them a VIP treatment which would keep them happy and this make them feel that their association with the company is mutually rewarding. This is the reason that the brand should keep dedicated lines to the returning customers.
  • Special call routing : If you want to offer customized services to loyal customers then best way is to set up call routing database and top 100 customers were included in this database. This doesn’t require any additional hardware and cost effective. The principle for setup is similar to mobile phones, where names are programmed into the system.
  • Secret lines for regular callers : Some callers call customer support more than others. If they have to go through the same menu selection as for regular callers every time, then they get frustrated and may leave your product. So it will be best choice to setup a secret line for frequent callers. So the system can keep track of them and re-route them directly to the agent. This will build the confidence among the customers to get in touch with the brand for help.
  • Seeking Professional help : Apart from the above steps, if your business is large and complex, then it is best to hire an experienced CRM expert and ask for suggestions. CRM is the important aspect for any business and if an expert can give you an edge then it is worth investment.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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