How to use AutoFill forms in Chrome on Android and iOS

By | August 25, 2014


Google is everywhere, whenever you open Google Chrome either on Mobile or Computer and login with your account, it starts syncing everything so that in future you can use that later from any device on the go, no matter it is yours or others.

While it can be beneficial to have your saved history or bookmarks always up to date on all of your devices you use to login on Google, Chrome also tries to help you in boring tasks such as filling out forms that includes basic things line your name, address, and much more information about yourself.

In web browser we can easily do that by allowing them to save your data for future but to do the same in your Android or iOS device you might have to follow the few steps which I have mentioned below to use AutoFill forms in Chrome Mobile.

There are basically three things you have to configure,

  • How to enable and disable the Chrome Autofill
  • How to add profiles and other information
  • How to edit save form data

1. How to enable and disable the Chrome Autofill

  • Launch the Chrome browser on Mobile and tap the overflow menu button in the top right side of the screen
  • Then tap Settings button palced near the bottom of the drop down menu
  • Under the option, click on Autofill forms — here you will see either the option is enabled or disabled.
  • If it is disabled, just enabled it.

2. How to add profiles and other information

  • To add a profile details like your name, address, contact number etc to, go to your Chrome autofill forms click on the Add profile option out there.
  • Enter your personal data you would want Chrome to autofill and save just save the form, that’s it.
  • To add information like Credit card autofill option, click on ‘Add Credit Card‘ option.

For security reasons, Chrome does not allow you to save the three digit CVV/CVC security code located on the back of your card so you will have to enter that manually.

3. How to edit save form data

It happens sometimes that you have something which is not correct, at that time you might you these steps to get rid of it.

  • Select the autofill profile you want to edit
  • Go to the section where the wrong data is and correct it
  • Scroll to the bottom of the form and click Save to keep the changes you have made
  • Or else if you want to delete the complete profile, just click on the button called Delete.
    Delete autofill profile


Author: Galvin Carter

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