How to use Android Wear as remote shutter button


There are two ways to control the Smartphone with the help of Android wear as remote shutter button. The two ways are namely Google’s own method and other is by using third party application for much more control. Here first we will discuss about the Google’s implementation first for this you need to follow the below steps


Steps to use Android Wear as remote shutter button 

  • Initially you need to have to download the Google Camera app from the play store
  • Launch the app form your phone then Android wear will show the card asking if you want to use it to remotely control the application.
  • Android wear face will change to the blue button. Once pressed it will remotely triggered the camera app to take a Photo.
  • But other than taking photo from the Android wear it does not have any control apart from taking the picture using the blue button on the screen.
  • How ever adjusting the features like HDR mode and exposure compensation by selecting these in the Camera app before taking a photo using Android Wear as the button.
  • If you want more functionality then you have to download the wear camera remote from the play store this app adds more functionality than Google Camera app.
  • Once the app has been installed, you can launch it from Wear by speaking the command “OK Google, start camera app”. You can also substitute “launch” for “start” and it will understand what you want to do.
  • Now, you will see a live stream of what the smartphone camera is seeing on your wrist. Swipe across for options to flip to the front or rear camera view; turn the flash on or off or set a self-timer.
  • A small preview of the final image will appear on your Wear screen, with the actual image stored on the smartphone. The live stream works as long as you’re in Bluetooth range.