How to use your Android tablet as second laptop screen


By using idisplay application we can use the Android Tablet as second laptop screen if you are not aware of the how to use Android tablet as second laptop screen then follow the below steps

  • Download and install idisplay application on your Android device. This application will cost around $5.
  • On your PC go to and click on the windows download button and choose you windows operating system on the resulting page.


  • Simply follow the prompts to install the software and drivers.
  • Then restart your computer when prompted. Allow the installed software to gain access through the PC’s firewall by clicking on the Allow Access button on the Windows Security Alert dialog that will appear when the PC restarts.
  • Connect both devices PC as well as Android tablet to same area network.
  • Look for the iDisplay icon in the Taskbar Notifications Area on your computer. Hover your mouse over it, and you’ll see an IP address and Port. Write them down precisely.


  • launch the idisplau on your Android device. Touch the + button then enter the IP address port and any description that you would like to your PC.
  • our configuration may not even require this step, look for a button to automatically connect to your PC when you first start the app. When you connect from your tablet, a dialog box will pop up on your PC asking if you want to allow the connection.


  • A blank, extended PC desktop will appear on the Android device. Visually locate the mouse pointer and move it between screens with the PC’s mouse.
  • Then take over control and movement with your finger as mouse and pointer transitions to the Android device touch screen.
  • That’s it