US THORWin humanoid beats Iranian Robot in RoboCup Final

By | July 24, 2015


THORwin, a humanoid robot, designed by University of Pennsylvania team defeated its Iranian counterpart on Wednesday in the final of annual soccer tournament. This soccer tournament was held in China for intelligent sporting machines. This robot won the top prize in adult category of 2015 RoboCup in China. The aim of this tournament is play these humanoid robots against human players by 20150. THORWin is named after “Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot” and Charles Darwin. This humanoid robot stands 5 ft tall and weighs 119 pounds. The robots are not human control and they have to play by themselves and sense the opponents, dribble the ball past them and shoot the goal. These games are similar to human soccer, except that these robots are stiffer and play a bit awkwardly.

THORWin is a joint project between the Robots and Mechanisms Lab (RoMeLA)at the University of California, Los Angeles, US and General Robotics Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASAP) Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania. They have won the final with 5-4 score against Iran. This Annual RoboCup tournament held in city of Hefei, China this year. In this tournament, machines compete in different categories based on their size. In teen and child category, the robots were much smaller.