How to Upload DVD to You tube


If you wants to upload a DVD to you tube, which you capture the moment of the flip video Camera and then upload it to the you tube or Facebook. Currently uploading the videos is very easy straightaway you can upload but in the previous days the things were different you would shot the whole video in the analog videos camera on tapes and burn them to DVD. Therefore, in all these years, your high school reunion, your wedding video and dozens of other DVDs have piled up in the cupboard waiting to be seen. This article give you the clear information about how to upload DVD to you tube. Follow the below steps to do so.

Steps to upload DVD to you tube

  • Initially you need to get the Video from the DVD to computer, Use HandBrake tool to get the video from the DVD or else use vidcoder to which is similar to the HandBrake tool.
  • Run the tool Vidcoder and insert the DVD and then choose the VIDEO_TS folder of your DVD drive as the Source in VidCoder.
  • While you are in the vidcoder, press Ctrl + T or choose file and add the titles to the queue for conversion.
  • The default conversion settings are good enough for online video so we don’t really need to modify the Encoding part. Just hit the “Encode” button to start the conversion process.
  • This might take some time depending upon your computer’s processing power as well the duration of the DVD video.
  • Now you need to make you tube ready, it wont accept video more than 15 mins so we need to split the full length video in to small parts less than 15 mins.


  • There is windows only utility MP4 box to help you.
  • Launch MP4 box and click on join tab to add all parts of the video in sequence order, Join them all and save them.
  • Next go to the split tab and select the same joined file and choose split by duration, set duration to 15 mins.
  • Now you are ready to upload the video in to the you tube, Hit upload button and select shift button and press shift button and select all the videos to upload the videos.


  • That’s it now your entire DVD video is in you tube, it is important that you link all these parts so that people may enjoy them all in sequence. This is possible through the video annotations feature of you tube.