How to upgrade existing Hotmail to Outlook Email account


If you have existing Hotmail account we can upgrade to new Outlook account with out creating a new account at the, if you are not aware then this is the right place where you can find the information about how to upgrade existing Hotmail to outlook Email account.

The Upgrading the Hotmail account to the Outlook mail account includes two things

  • upgrading the web interface only.
  • renaming the Hotmail to Outlook account.

If you wants to upgrade the interface of your email account when you login using a web browser, where you can simply you that by visiting the and sign in with the help of Hotmail account details. It automatically upgrade the Hotmail account interface to Outlook interface.

If you wants to convert by renaming the exiting Hotmail to Outlook account with the help of two methods as shown below

  • By adding Alias to the account.
  • By renaming your account.

Method 1 : Adding Alias to the account

Microsoft allows you to create a maximum of 15 aliases to your Hotmail account where you can create up to five 5 aliases per year.Aliases are a good way to use different email IDs for different purposes but your Inbox will be always same. You can send and receive emails from all of your aliases without any problem. Let us follow the steps to add aliases

  • Initially you need to log into your email account using URL. After log in select options more mail settings options.


  • Now click on the create an outlook alias option given under managing your account section.

  • It opens the page to create the alias to Hotmail account. Just enter your desired email name in email address text box and click on create an alias button.


  • It will ask for combination whether you want to receive new mails in folder or an existing folder which is your inbox. We need to set the desire option and click on done button.
  • That’s it your Hotmail account will be upgraded to immediately.

Method 2 : By renaming your Hotmail Account

This another way of upgrade Hotmail account to is by renaming your Hotmail Account is to rename existing email account. When you rename your Hotmail account, your old email account becomes an alias, so you will still receive email sent to the old account. Please keep in mind that you can rename your account twice every 1 year.

Lets us follow the below steps to rename your Hotmail account to :

  • Similar to the above method first log in to your email account using URL. After log in select options more mail settings options.
  • Now click on rename your email address option given under managing my account section.
  • Similar to creating alias, enter your desired email name in New Microsoft account text box and click on Save button.


  • That’s it your Hotmail account will be renamed to