Updated Google Maps Style navigation card now coming to Google Search


Increasing number of users have been floundered across the new Google Maps Style navigation card when looking out for the directions using the Google Search app. Apparently Google has decided to pull the switch which opens this feature up to the wider populace. The card resembles the Google maps, which provides a map with the trip drawn out, an option to select the desired mode of transportation, alternate routes to select from and a big blue start button for when its time to get moving. You can tap on any of the routes to view the list of directions without need to load the maps app.

To get this results easily on the Google search is to use the phrases “traffic to” or “how far is” at the beginning of the search query. We have seen this functionality in the Google search app but not in the Google Now launcher. If this option doesn’t appear for you then there is no downloadable apk is there to take care of it. It may take some time because the change takes place at the Google’s end, so you just need to wait for some time.


Google Search Features

Google Search Android app offers very convenient, fastest and easiest way to search the web and on your device.

  • Quickly search the web and your phone or tablet.
  • You can use your voice to search and more.
  • Get the personalized results which are based on your location.

Google Now gets the right info for your at the right time and it offer the weather report before you start your day and you can search for traffic on your way.

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