How to update iPhone 5 or 5s to iOS 8 without losing any data

By | September 18, 2014


People who have updated their iPhone to latest iOS 8 are complaining that the firmware download size is very large and consumes more time to complete the upgrade process. According to the iTunes store, the file size is 1.2GB but rather that the download itself needs up to 5.7GB of free storage to be completed while iOS 7 requires only 2.7 GB of free space.

You also facing the same out of memory issues? that’s why I thought to write this article because it helps you how to update iPhone 5 or 5s or 5c to iOS 8 without loosing your data. However the update is available via OTA but due to less free memory you can’t go through this method unless you are agree to delete all the saved date from your device.

Also if you want to update your iPhone device to latest iOS 8 then you have to delete some of the files to make 5.7GB free space. But before you start deleting everything that you have saved on your phone,

We have a nice solution to to keep them save somewhere else other than your phone: Sync your iPhone 5, 5S, 5C or iPad all versions to the computer (Works on both Mac and Windows Platform) and download iOS 8 directly from iTunes. This won’t consume any space on your device, and you can manually transfer the new installed app back to your device once after updating the device. Updating via your PC or Mac is more reliable way to upgrade, compared to OTA (over-the-air), which is performed directly on the device.


If you own 32GB or 64GB variant of iPhone then you people may stick to the OTA method. This tutorial is actually gonna helpful for those who have 8 GB or 16 GB iDevice variants.

Here is some of the interesting tweets people have posted after upgrading their devices to iOS,