How to unsubscribe notifications of Facebook for iOS

By | September 1, 2014

Now a days almost every people has Facebook account, Ever comment on some ones’s Facebook status or Photo from you riOS device only to  find the Facebook app incessantly bugging you with notifications every time someone else leaves a comment on that particular Facebook status or photo, we can disable getting the notifications is the only way to stop. If you are not aware of about how to unsubscribe notifications of Facebook for iOS then follow the below steps in this article.

How to disable notifications of Facebook for iOS

  • Initially open the Facebook application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Navigate the status or Photo that you keep receiving the notifications for and tap on it, where this is the easiest way is through the Notifications tab.
  • Now you need to tap on the upper right hand corner.
  • Tap on the STOP notifications in the popup menu.




That’s it you are done with unsubscribe the notifications of Facebook, for longer you wont receive any notifications for specify status or Photo are any thing else. Hope you understand about how to disable the Notifications. If you come across any doubts or misunderstanding give a comment.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

Micheal, is a loyal Apple Fan. A graduate in computer science, Micheal loves to experiment with iOS and Mac. Here at The Tech Bulletin, he covers information about Apple Products.+Micheal