How to unroot LG G3 All versions


Maybe you want to send it in for warranty or maybe you messed it up. Whatever is , sometimes you just need to unroot the LG G3 and start back from scratch to make everything as it was before the rooting. As always, the developers from XDA, have your back in that department as well, they only release rooting tool and unrooting method as well. All you need to do is download the tool, download the firmware for your particular version of the LG G3 and unroot it.

Unroot-LG G3

If you are here because your G3 is bricked or facing issues after rooting it, well then, I guess you do not have much to lose, do you? However, there isn’t must risk following the procedure if you select the appropriate stock ROM for your G3. Before going through the process first check your device to get the stock ROM to flash, to do so, go to Settings > About Phone > Hardware Information > and look under Model Number for your device’s number (i.e. LG-D850, etc.).

  1. Setup Flash tool to unroot LG G3 All versions
  2. Go through the original XDA forum to get the Flashtool(Download link) and driver as well that helps your device to unroot.
  3. First install the driver and then extract the Flash tool. zip file on your desktop
  4. Double-click the exe file inside that folder also install this as well, make sure that you have unchecked the Run Flash Tool at the end of the installation.
  5. Once it finishes, right-click the MegaLock.dll and copy it.
  6. Navigate to C: > LG > Flashtool > and paste it inside the folder with MegaLock.dll and select Overwrite option when prompt by the Windows to replace it with the new one.
  7. Now turn off the phone. While holding the volume up button, plug it to the computer using the data cable. Keep holding the button until you see download mode pop up, now you are ready to go.
  8. Open Device Manager on your computer
  9. Under Ports, right-click LGE Mobile USB Serial Port and select Properties.
  10. Click on Port Settings > Advanced > and change the COM Port Number to 41 and click OK.

How to unroot LG G3 All versions

Link for LG G3 Stock ROM, first check the model and download the appropriate file. Follow the steps below to get the required files

  1. First select the folder that shows your device model and then navigate until you find the BIN .zip file inside a sub folder and download that to your desktop.
  2. Hit back and navigate to find the .dll file inside a different sub folder and download that to your desktop.
  3. Open FlashTool app you have just installed
  4. Choose the Manual Mode.
  5. Click the three dots button and select the .dll file you downloaded earlier.
  6. Click Add to the right of the S/W section and select the .tot file you downloaded earlier.
  7. Now Click the Yellow Arrow.
  8. As it says Ready, unplug your device for 5 seconds and connect it back. The flashing process will start automatically.
  9. Once after completion, it will reboot your device running the stock firmware without root access. Now easily you can send it to service center if you are facing any hardware issue.