Unlocking Cell phone became legal in United States


Good News for all users of cell phones and smartphones That United States President Obama signs on the law which makes the cell phone unlocking legal again. This Law helps the users to unlock their cell phones in order to change them to another cellular carrier in US as well as abroad.

Actually this became first illegal to unlock a cell phone in January 2013 after an expectation in the Digital Millennium copyright act expired, Restricting U.S customers from shifting their service to other carriers or using their devices aboard with local SIM cards. Now the president of US Obama announced intent to his last week and also said that this new law is only for temporary and it will valid up to 2015.

Now this cell phone unlocking is once again legal, the users can unlock their tablets and cell phone by paying to third party services. Even services will receive the permissions from the cell phone carriers with out facing the criminal penalties. Definitely these changes will help for the customers to take own device to their choice after this contractual obligations were fulfilled. One more important thing is that it will be easier to use existing device abroad.

Finally I can say this will be good news for all the customers, but only disappointed is where this unlocking cell phones and tablets will be valid up to 2015. Stay to for more details and information regarding this news.