University of California launches Next Gen EV charger



Electric Cars have been growing in popularity, as the cars are made for keeping the environment pollution free and greener. The concept of EV chargers is similar to the mobile charge we use, you have to plug in your electric vehicles and it will start charging. As the electric vehicles are growing, so it is obvious that EV Chargers are also gaining popularity.

University of California, San Diego has launched a new type of EV charger, only which can be called as next generation EV charger. The German Utility Company RWE has provided these EV chargers and these are also the only chargers that have been certified for 2017 Global charger standard.

These chargers can communicate to the power grid and decide between the supply and demand of the power in real time. This new charging option has capacity to prioritize the need of the electricity, meaning if electricity is needed somewhere else more, charging process will be interrupted.

This new generation charger will not prove much helpful for people, who want to charge their car pretty quickly. But for person, who has time or planning for vacation and going for a long distance, it will be very useful. This new EV chargers are very good for keep the environment pollution free and green.