What is Universal Windows Apps and how it works


Recently Microsoft announced a few features and opportunities for the developer who works for the windows phone applications this month at their build conference. one of the buzz terms was universal Windows app which sounds remarkable, How ever we noticed some misunderstanding on that what actually it means. Foe instance all have the impression by many is that is someone makes a windows phone app, developers can just hit a button to clone it for windows and RT devices.


Universal windows apps are  not yet the dream of code which runs every where that many are clamoring for. In fact that may not happen at all because different screens require different experiences. But Microsoft is certainly making it easier to overlap projects for developers, which can now share up to 90% of the code in certain cases. Here’s what else is universal about these application.

  • Purchase Structure: Windows devs can now price apps at 99 cents to 120 cents matching windows phone pricing.
  • Shared in app purchases: The users can buy the IAP apps for windows phones and you can unlock the same in the windows phone in vice versa.
  • Install Devices: Developers can let users download/buy an app on one platform and install it across their devices, with out repurchases.
  • Shared revenue model: Windows phones will get Windows phone 70/30 split on revenue between developers and Microsoft.

Actually this universal Windows apps have a lot of back end improvements that encourage development on the windows phone and windows 8, They are not completely in the terms of the code. The developers will do the code for one platform and optimize to another platform