Uniphore enhancing voice biometrics



Uniphore enhancing speech recognition & voice biometrics on cloud based voice applications for businesses. The company unique selling point, a customer can just dial a number and speak to an electronic voice. The system will provide necessary information which may be on commodity markets or weather along with recharging the phone with mobile currency.

Uniphore’s voice application helps companies connect with customers in any language. These may be online or offline works 24X7 without any hassles. The company provides integration of speech recognition and voice biometrics with smart mobile technology to deliver solutions on the cloud.

Uniphore has developed several cloud based platforms. AgriConnect product targets the rural part of India. The challenges is tremendous, the agribusinesses face very tough scenarios in terms of customer reach, since farmers are spread across remote places, in many cases they are illiterate and they prefer closely knit business models. The company with the AgriConnect attacks two key challenges for the agriculturists. Farmers have to contact the call center through dedicated phone line where they can ask questions, place orders and complaint in their native language.


AgriConnect product uses speech recognition technology will comprehend the farmers query and respond as required. Farmers will get a call back with vital information such commodity price, mandi price that are customised to their profile will added information of crop cycle and geography.

Another feature of the product is communication with agents, who are equipped with the app, can send their inputs about the farmer information, activities, order status and can take the pictures of the crop.

The product helps enterprises to reduce paper based workflow with easy data capture across a range of mobile phones. The information will be filled with the help of voice and predictive text inputs. Monitoring of field agents can be done in real time with the help location tracking inputs.


AgriConnect platform is been used by more than 3.5 million farmers in 14 languages and 100+ dialects.
mForce is another product of Uniphore that revolutionised field force automation. The speciality of the product helps the businesses across verticals to increase their mobile workforce productivity, reduce information transfer time and minimizing travel cost.

The automation platform assist field force to fill necessary forms by selecting customised window like customer onboarding, lead management, payment collection etc., to fill out the form, the agent can type, add images with the help of multi lingual speech recognition agent can generate fields. The platform facilitates on the spot payments through a mobile card reader and can scan the important documents with help of mobile scanner. This is turn will be sent to administration department in real time where business executives can take decisions.

With the implementation of mForce solution, the businesses can double their productivity of field operations by meeting more customers.


The businesses monitor on the movement of field staff with the help of location tracking modules. They can take better decisions based on cash inflows and fraud can be avoided with the help of electronic payment collections tool. The applications reduce paper based workflows with data capture capabilities across a range of mobile phones.

VoiceEnsure uses speech technology to enable safe, low cost, customer satisfaction for insurance sector. The platform assists the insurance companies in customer on boarding, customer servicing and contact center automation.

A field agent can gather vital information about the customer, his voiceprint and validate the details of the customer with the help of the automated call center. Customer servicing will be done once details are uploaded into the system by enhancements of additional features by reminder calls for premium payments, statement request, policy information and bill payments for the insurance. By contact center automation can be achieved where customers can speak in their native language and experience the friendly human call agent.


The platform reduces cost of customer reach through automated outbound dialling and data capture. With enhanced security and reduction in fraud, with replacement of PIN numbers and agent assisted security questions with state of the art ‘voiceprint’ biometric ID. Improvisation of customer experience through reduced wait times which is easy and natural.

Another unique product of Uniphore is LastMile360. Any ecommerce or logistics industry face challenges plagued with delivery model such ‘Cash On Demand’, merchandise return and delivery failure due to incorrect postal address. This product helps to tackle the problem of an under efficient workforce. Once LastMile360 deployed, an agent can open his secure mobile application and select delivery list, updating of order status, optimal routing, and card payment collections. Agent can collect on the spot payments through a mobile card reader. LastMile360 monitor agents and easily dissemination info on delivery status using powerful web interface and platform can easily be integrated into existing software.

Uniphore targets companies that require revolutionary ideas by deploying Fieldforce Automation Platform in the enterprises. Turnaround time reduction in sales and services through real time data exchange between fields and back end business managers. The platform assists in easy capture of data through high end mobile scanner and slashes form filling time through speech and predictive text inputs.


With the help of Human Resource Management System, the enterprise can reduce administrative overhead costs through automated data entry. The platform helps in improving data accuracy by eliminating manual preparation of paper timesheets and time cards. Real time data provide accurate information of labour status, work status, cost and attendance. In turn it helps managers to have better understanding and improvement of operational efficiency with the high level analysis supported by data.

Uniphore offers mobile marketing solutions; businesses will be able to leverage the mobile channel when they deploy mobile marketing strategies that cater to assorted customers. Business can expand their customer base which the application in all sort of phone, whether high end smart phone or basic phone. Enhanced operational efficiencies through robust monitoring and analytics of gathered data through speech based interaction.

The company offering to the banks for Mobile Voice Wallet solution where the customer has to place a voice call to the platform and acquire access to their account through Voice Biometrics based authentication. By using this technology, a customer can book movie tickets or transfer cash. Another inbuilt feature of this platform is that person to person transfers and cash deposits. Customers speak the mobile number and wallet ID for the receipt, money will be transferred to that account. Banks will get additional source of income through transaction fees and increase in customer engagement through personalized self service in local languages resulting in increased involvement.


Uniphore offer voice solutions, the product that captures the unique characteristics of an individual voice in order to provide businesses with a secure and efficient speaker verification system. Each voiceprint is unique to each customer like their fingerprint consists of 32 different elements of the user’s speech pattern that’s of behavioural and physiological.

Uniphore’s Audio Mining Solution helps enterprises to improve risk and liability management through fraud detection. Agent’s threshold can be monitored with the alerts in real time. The solution responds swiftly to situations using Advanced Phonetics Engine.

Uniphore will offers supporting services to the clients by offering innovative solutions through speech, web and data technologies. By building and enhancing relationships with customers the businesses can leverage unique customer experience and create more business value from customer operations.



In the business processing engineering, Uniphore provides cost effective solutions to support employees and increase the productivity, cycle time and quality. Further the company provides ROI (Return of Investment) and Impact Analysis where businesses make informed decisions about their cash flows.

The Chennai based company was founded in 2013. The company founded by Umesh Sachdev who is Chief Executive Officer. He graduated from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology. Prior to Uniphore he worked as project associate TeNet for 10 months.

Ravi Saraogi is another founder of Uniphore. He graduated from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology. He is a member of Mobile Payment Forum of India worked as project associate TeNet for 10 months.


The company received an undisclosed amount of Angel funding from a group of investors lead by Nagaraja Prakasam , Ray Stata, M V Subramanian, Indian Angel Network (IAN) and YourNest Angel Fund.

Indian Angel Network is India’s and Asia’s largest angel network consists 250 angel investors who are successful entrepreneurs and dynamic CEO’s. The network has a portfolio of 100+ companies spread across several sectors from semi conductors to social media, gaming, hospitality and few others.

YourNest is an angel fund believes liberation human potential by investing in technology enabled, vibrant new business ideas. They have invested in startups like mycity4kids.com and bookmycab.com

Customers of Uniphore are many such as American Express, State Bank of India, Muthoot Fincorp, Axis Bank, United India Insurance, Government of Tamil Nadu, ITC Limited, SKS Microfinance spread across several sector of industry.