How to Uninstall an OEM App on Windows Phone

By | July 1, 2014
Remove OEM Apps

Every smartphone making companies do provide some pre installed apps and games for our convenience, sometimes we like those pre-installed apps and sometimes we fell not to have those apps or due to less memory space people try to uninstall an OEM (inbuilt-apps) no matter what device you have.

Remove OEM Apps

If you have Android device then easily by rooting you can remove those apps, on iOS, jailbreaking is the option but if you own a Windows phone running the version 8 or 8.1 then it is obvious to think how to uninstall OEM App on Windows Phone, we probably should not do this because manufacturer offers apps for your device’s security and you can trust those app as authorized by them.

But still if you want to remove then there is a way to uninstall any OEM app on Windows Phone 8. If you follow the steps mentioned, you will be uninstall apps like Storage Sense, Display, Glance, Access Point, and more. Still curious?

Tutorial is not much complex as you are thinking, you need to make few changes to your phone to throw them out from your phone.

How to Uninstall an OEM App on Windows Phone

  1. First of all, go to settings, then date + time.
  2. Change the year to 2106 or later.
  3. Press back and click any of the OEM settings at the bottom such as Storage Check, Touch, Nokia account, Audio, and more.
  4. A message pops up about a problem with the app. Click uninstall.

Watch the tutorial for more:

That is it, one more thing, don’t forget to change the time to the normal after uninstalling the apps you were looking for otherwise all the OEM app will show the same message popup and will tell you to uninstall the app. Now once, after uninstalling those apps, you also have the option to get those deleted app again using an app called SysApp pusher to get them back. SysApp Pusher basically allows you to check the Windows Phone Store for Nokia, HTC and Samsung software updates.

If you liked this post and going to uninstall an OEM on Windows Phone then do drop a comment which app you have removed and why, it will help other readers to find the bugs and issues.