How to Uninstall multiple apps from Windows Phone 8.1 OS


If your Windows Phone storage is near to end and you want delete some apps, songs or video’s which are not very useful for you. Now today  I am teach the method with the help of  Storage sense app of Windows Phone 8.1 Operating system. With the help of this app the Windows Smartphone user can able to see exactly how much storage an app is using and then they can uninstall several apps at once with a few taps. Now today you will get all steps  to uninstall multiple apps from Windows Phone 8.1 OS in this article of the website.

Steps to Uninstall multiple apps from Windows Phone 8.1 OS

1 . First of all you have to open the Storage Sense-app with swiping to the left on your homescreen and searching for it in your app list.

2. Now you have to Tap on Phone option

tap the phone option
3. Now you can Click on the select, that is found in the app bar on the bottom of your screen.

multiple selection option for storage sensse
4. Now at here  you can select the apps  that you want to uninstall by using the checkboxes on the left hand side and tap uninstall after that.

select the process
5. Now you just need to confirm and your apps will be uninstalled- by choosing the yes option on your Windows Smartphone.

storage sense last step